Sleeping cats

About Me

What I Do

I’m a software engineer by day, but I love to tinker with electronics, retro gaming, and programming.


My Story

I grew up in the quite town of Satsuma, Alabama where I learned as much as I could about computers and technology. I got my start on a Commodore 64C and later a Packard Bell 386SX. From there, I learn as much as I could about how computers worked and how to write programs to make them do whatever I wanted.

Still Learning

Though I'm a professional software engineer, I’m still learning about new languages, frameworks, and software to do more. I’ve also recently begin tinkering with electronics trying to learn how retro computers and game systems work.


Sleeping Cats

SleepingCats will be my blog and project showcase for things I’ve tinkering on. Not everything on here will be an on going project, but I hope someone will find any of this useful.